About NK

iNKredible is by far the most talent up and coming producer out. His compassion and love for music allows him to create, imitate, or simply be-bop any type of music for your production or pleasures needs. From the age of 14 to being currently in his late teens, NK , with no question or doubt, have the skills of anyone who been in the industry 10 years +. Influenced by legendary producers from Quincy Jones to Stevie Wonder traveling back to current legends such as, Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams (The Neptunes), Timbaland, Dj Premier, Just Blaze, Scott Storch and Kanye West.

Raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, NK has embarked and encountered a lot of ups and downs from dropping out of school and being caught up in the violent, gun infested streets to being crowned independent producer of the year. iNKredible works hard beyond belief to bring his music to the forefront for everyone who is anyone to have a chance to feel his music. Through his fingers he works wonders. Only 18 years old and have people 22 years of age and older looking up to him...Wow...Imagine what he shall conquer for the years to come.